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Bone Broth Recipe: The New Superfood

Bone broth has been around for centuries as a healing tonic. Recently it’s made a comeback as the new superfood. Make no bones about it, it’s loaded with vitamins A & K and minerals such as iron, selenium, zinc, and…

Go Smudge Yourself

Last year I attended a meditation circle. A friend of mine asked if I’d smudge people before they entered the space. I agreed to do it for the gathering, understanding it’s benefits in clearing the space for the event. I…

Feeling Unhappy? Your Moon Sign Holds the Key

The first time I read my sun sign I was at the grocery store check-out line and picked up one of those tiny horoscope books. I’m an Aries. Independent, impulsive, impatient. My Mom is a Virgo. Practical, detailed, organized. Sounds…