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Journey to Provincetown: The Gift of Sight

November 26, 2019 No Comments

Perched on top of Whaler’s Wharf overlooking Provincetown harbor is a rare and hidden gem, the Third Eye. What may appear as a new age shop, is actually the studio of resident psychic, Carolyn Miller. It’s quirky and colorful, with bottles of potions, cabinets of crystals, books and treasures from floor to ceiling.  It reminds me of a Cape Cod Diagon Alley store from Harry Potter, and I loved it since the first time I walked in.

I met Carolyn three years ago when I discovered her studio and set up a reading. I was so blown away that I asked her to do a special group event at my house. She is one of those truly gifted people that once you meet her you know she’s the real deal.

When you walk in, she makes you feel right at home, and her corgi, Violet enjoys a treat or two. There’s something familiar about Carolyn, with her silvery hair, warm smile and down to earth demeanor. She has a certain knowing presence that’s reassuring. She’s not trying to push her views on you or sell you on her abilities. She doesn’t need to. She’s been practicing her craft on Cape Cod for over 40 years.

In 1979, Carolyn moved to Provincetown and three years later opened Third Eye in Whaler’s Wharf on Commercial Street. She started out with astrology readings and later aura photography. But her real passion is tarot cards. 

Upon my recent visit, I asked her how she got into doing tarot readings. 

Carolyn remembers, “My mother was Romanian and extremely psychic, but she would never admit it. When I was in my twenties, she gifted me a deck of Verima Fortune Telling Cards. The directions said to put my initials on every card. As soon as I got to the Lady Verima card I was to write my name, birthday and time of birth on it. When I did that, I felt an electricity in the air and I knew I had made a contract to work with the cards.”

Carolyn explained how the cards help her channel her clairvoyant gift she discovered as a child.

“When I was twelve, I saw spirits everywhere. It terrified me. Through the cards, the right amount of information can flow through me, and I can better use my gift. The cards speak to me.”

While we sat in the studio I asked if she’d give me a tarot reading. She agreed and shuffled the cards, having me shuffle them too, then cutting the deck into three piles. 

As she unveiled the cards on the circular brass table, she told me the story of my life with specific details on what to expect in the coming year. The thing that really stood out was at the very end, I asked her if my dad, who had recently passed had a message for me. 

She asked me to pick a card with my left hand from the 42 cards fanned out in her hand. What I picked brought tears to my eyes. It was the love card.

“There’s only one love card in the deck,” she said. “Your dad wants you to know he’s with you and that he loves you.” 

A warm feeling came over me. What a beautiful message and perfect ending to my visit with Carolyn. She has such a gift and one that can be seen so clearly through the cards. Thank you Lady Verima.

Third Eye is located at 241 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA 02657. To schedule a phone or in-person reading with Carolyn Miller, please call 508-487-0976. In addition to her tarot and aura photography readings, Carolyn offers classes on the channeled teachings of St. Germain, dowsing and past-life regression readings in small groups. She also authored a book, The Orbs and Angels of Miller Hill (read it & loved it!). It depicts a photographic journal of her year among the spirits on her family property in Truro. 

Kristen Bala

Kristen Bala is the founder of the Deep End, an online community that supports spiritual learning and well-being. She enjoys writing about her many passions including astrology and holistic healing. She resides in Harvard, Massachusetts with her husband Greg, three kids, and Frenchie Junebug.

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