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Feeling Unhappy? Your Moon Sign Holds the Key

November 26, 2019 No Comments

The first time I read my sun sign I was at the grocery store check-out line and picked up one of those tiny horoscope books. I’m an Aries. Independent, impulsive, impatient. My Mom is a Virgo. Practical, detailed, organized. Sounds about right.

Most people know their sun sign and what that means about their personality. But do you know your moon sign? And what that tells about your emotional well-being and how to nurture yourself?

In astrology, the sun represents your basic nature and the moon indicates your inner self. The moon tells you what you need to feel safe, secure and happy.

If you’re feeling drained, your moon sign offers cues on how to get back on track.

Without recharging your moon-battery, it’s difficult to shine your light in the world via your sun sign.

Here’s a helpful guide with tips on how each one can recharge. If you don’t know your moon sign you can look it up here. You will need your date of birth and time as the moon changes signs every couple days.

Happy Moon Guide

Moon in Aries

No lounging around eating bonbons. Get moving. Aries Moon needs physical activity to recharge. Whether it’s a brisk walk, bike ride or yoga class, you need to get up and out. Aries rules the physical appearance. Anything you can do to boost your self-image will greatly enhance your mood. A shopping excursion can go a long way as well as a trip to the hairstylist (Aries governs the head).

Moon in Taurus

Taurean Moons are naturally grounded and take the world nice and slow! You need a lot of affection from loved ones and thrive on romance. You are best when you connect with the beauty of nature, your pets and simple creature comforts. Gardening, cooking, wine-tasting and afternoon naps delight your sensual approach to life. You need financial security more than most. If your savings account is on the up and up, you are one happy camper. 

Moon in Gemini

You love to buzz about and learn new things that stimulate your active and curious mind. If you don’t get enough social engagement and communication you over-think things and feel scattered. Best to call a friend and talk things out. You especially need those words of encouragement and inspiration. Reading, writing, taking a class and juggling your many interests are things Moon in Gemini enjoys.

Moon in Cancer

Your home is where your heart is and the best place to refill your well. Some quiet time alone is important. You need to feel safe, cared for and connected to family, especially your children or pets. You have a strong maternal instinct and it’s important for you to feel needed. With your highly sensitive nature, consider creative ways to outpour your emotions, such as music, baking, hand-written notes or crafting care packages.

Moon in Leo

You thrive on being in the spotlight, even if your sun sign is on the tamer side. You have a big and courageous heart and a need to show it by offering your generosity to friends. You especially love giving them the royal treatment. More champagne please! Leo Moons love to be creative and fun at the same time. This might include painting, photography, writing, DIY projects, or activities that bring out your inner-child. Above all, you need appreciation or it’s time to move on from any current endeavors. 

Moon in Virgo

Virgo rules self-improvement and healthy routines. Not only physical exercise but nutrition, care of the body and mental well-being, as you tend to be a worrier. You thrive on organization, efficiency, and discipline. When things are sloppy, out of order or there isn’t a plan, you go a little crazy. What nurtures your soul? Anything that combines service with routine such as daily walks with your dog, Taco Tuesdays, doing crossword puzzles or contributing your time to a worthy cause.

Moon in Libra

When you’re not taking care of yourself, you will feel completely “off-balance.” Libra Moon is represented by the Scales and harmony. Relationships are important to you. You may be too busy pleasing other people and not listening to your own needs. Find a peaceful and beautiful place where you can retreat and contemplate what it is you really want. You may need to make a tentative list since you are so indecisive! You are ruled by Venus which represents the arts and aesthetics. Bring more beauty into your life with fresh flowers, an essential oil candle or play soft music while you work.

Moon in Scorpio

Passionate, intense and mysterious, Scorpio Moon thrives on deep involvements with the world around you. You are ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformation and rebirth, and this is what your soul calls for. You can channel this through many outlets including intimacy, spirituality, psychology or creativity. Still feeling broody? Get yourself to the ocean or body of water for reflection time and your mood will be greatly transformed.

Moon in Sagittarius

Routine and structure will cramp your style! Your soul craves freedom, adventure and expanding the horizons of your mind and the world. Personal space is key to your well-being along with spirituality and pursuing your dreams – which are usually big and lofty. An eternal optimist, you are happiest when you are traveling, staying physically active and exploring wide open spaces. Plan a retreat, learn a foreign language or go horseback riding to nurture your free-spirit.

Moon in Capricorn

When was the last time you had some “alone time?” Capricorn Moons need to fuel up by doing something by themselves. You are best when you are involved in a project or working towards a goal. Structure is important to you and having a plan when it comes to finances, trips and home projects. Work in the garden, plan a getaway to a historical destination, or quietly stroll through an antique shop. Capricorn Moon loves to get lost in history.

Moon in Aquarius

Your airy moon thrives on mental stimulation coupled with social activity. You need to be intellectually challenged and you delight in encountering different people from all walks of life. You are independent and progressive and require lots of freedom to express your unique ideas. Although your emotional nature appears cool and aloof, you have compassion to give. You enjoy being alone in a social setting such as working in a coffee shop or people-watching at the train station.

Moon in Pisces: 

This watery moon needs to submerge into something creative that feeds the soul such as music or creative pursuits. Pisces Moon needs a way to escape the mundane whether fantasy, dreams or the subconscious, otherwise you feel like a fish out of water. You are highly sensitive and can take on other people’s emotions. You thrive best when you express your imagination, intuition, and compassion. Meditate, swim, read a science fiction book or play an instrument or game. Anything that lets you escape ordinary reality greatly enhances your sense of well-being.

Kristen Bala

Kristen Bala is the founder of the Deep End, an online community that supports spiritual learning and well-being. She enjoys writing about her many passions including astrology and holistic healing. She resides in Harvard, Massachusetts with her husband Greg, three kids, and Frenchie Junebug.

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