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5 Ways to Reign in Your Auric Field During the Holidays

December 13, 2019 No Comments

I’m standing in line with my 15-year old daughter at one of those bubble tea kiosks at the mall. It’s jam-packed with people. The guy behind me is nudging me anxiously as if that will make the line go faster. Everyone is nervous, edgy and annoyed. Yay, holidays!

Do you ever wonder why shopping during the holiday season makes you feel this way? Or why some large family dinners can suck the life out you? 

I recently had a conversation with Cheryl Johnson, Shamanic Practitioner, and this topic came up. I met Cheryl a few years ago at a yoga class and she taught me so much about the energy body.

“Scientific studies and Kirlian photography indicate we all have an electromagnetic field,” said Cheryl. “Your aura picks up on other people’s frequencies like a radio antenna. It’s meant to allow you to communicate non verbally. It typically extends out three to six feet from the body and can even go up to a mile.”

I asked her what a person can do to protect themselves when this energy becomes combative.

“There are many ways you can clear, protect and strengthen your auric field,” she continued. “It’s so important, especially for those that are empathic and highly sensitive.”

She shared the following 5 tips that are extremely helpful during the holidays and life in general.

1) Get to Know Your Own Field

A daily ritual you can do is take 5 minutes in the morning to get to know your energy form. This can be as simple as sitting up in bed a few minutes after waking. Sit still with your eyes closed. Take a deep breath in and imagine the force field of your body coming in close to you.

As you let the breath out, imagine the field expanding out. You can imagine it expanding to the trees, the sky, and out in nature. It should feel light, airy and buoyant.

Try this a few times with your eyes closed and then do it with your eyes open. You’ll be amazed at how this simple daily practice starts your day off right and sets the tone throughout the day.

“This process allows you to tune in more closely to your natural state.” says Cheryl. “It’s like exercising a muscle. The more you use it, the more control you will have over it.”

2) Put Together an “Aura Cleaning” Kit

A fast and easy way to clear your auric field is to have a little kit on hand to aid you. Keep these items in your purse or in your car where you’ll be reminded to use it daily. What you’ll need:

1 ) Sage or Palo Santo Spray

You can buy these sprays at various shops, or make your own by adding 10-15 drops of sage essential oil to 4 oz. distilled water in a spray bottle. Try the sage oil or palo santo blends by Young Living and Eden Botanicals.

2) Piece of cobalt blue obsidian or similar blue stone (optional but a great tool to help you focus)

Before you go into a busy shopping mall, or work, or a holiday dinner, wash your field by spraying the essential oil spray around your head and shoulders.

Hold the stone in your hand and envision a sphere of blue cobalt light around you. It’s best to imagine the color blue as opposed to white, as blue is cooling, protective and buoyant.

3) Rein in Your Field In Public

When you are out, especially at work, visualize your field close to you, within one to two feet. When you feel something sticky, heavy or you feel tired, that means there is an overlap with another person’s energy field. When that happens, do this:

  • Consciously disengage
  • Clear the energy by visually running the cobalt sphere of light around you
  • Stay calm and realize you have control of your own field

This should be a quick process where you acknowledge the feeling, disengage, clear it and pause. The process can be done multiple times throughout the day.

4) Be Like Mr. Rogers and Change Your Clothes When you Get Home

Remember Mr. Rogers and the song, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood? He would come in from the outside, change his shoes and put on a cardigan sweater. Mr. Rogers intuitively knew! Your clothes carry a lot of energy from the day. It’s important to make a transition between outside and inside. When you get home from work, shopping or errands, change into something fresh and comfortable. Bring awareness to what is outside the home vs. what you bring inside. Keep the home as pristine as you can. It’s your sanctuary.

5) Fill Up Your Vessel 

No matter what we do, life will find a way to deplete our energies. That’s why it’s important to fill yourself up along the way. It’s like beefing up your immune system in preparation for flu season.

What things add to you? Spend some time doing those things. Walks in nature, a trip to the ocean, laughter, hugs, spending time with people you love, pets, healthy food, sunshine, music, exercise, hobbies — these are all things that raise your vibration. They strengthen your energy, amp you up and remind you of the space you should be in all the time.

We hope you enjoyed this article. Happy Holidays and blessings to all. Please feel free to comment, like and share!

About Cheryl A. Johnson

Cheryl Johnson is a Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master, and Yoga Instructor in Holden, Massachusetts. She teaches meditation and self-care classes to veterans and first responders. With over 25 years’ experience, she combines healing modalities including Reiki and shamanic healing techniques. For more information or to schedule a session contact

Kristen Bala

Kristen Bala is the founder of the Deep End, an online community that supports spiritual learning and well-being. She enjoys writing about her many passions including astrology and holistic healing. She resides in Harvard, Massachusetts with her husband Greg, three kids, and Frenchie Junebug.

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