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About Us

We invite you to join our online community to explore and ignite your journey within! Here you’ll find inspiring articles and content that support spiritual learning and well-being. We hope you will join the conversation about what lights you up inside.

Deep End Pool

We began as a meditation group around an indoor pool during the summer of 2015 and grew from there. Read our story here.

Our core purpose and beliefs are:

  • Service to Others. It may sound a little trite, but this work has to come from the heart or why do it? There is enormous value in helping others, and the primary reason we created the Deep End.
  • Non-Guru Approach. There are many paths to spirit and so much to explore and learn. It’s impossible to learn it from one person. The most important voice is your own. By collaborating with others, you can enhance and enlighten your own journey.
  • Lighten Up! Spiritual work can get pretty “deep” but don’t take yourself too seriously. It’s key to have a sense of humor and have fun as we enjoy this beautiful thing called life. Our mantra is: Go Deep or Go Om!