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Aunt Allie’s Full Moon Ritual

Last year, I met an extremely gifted medium in California, Allie Barkalow. If you don’t know what a medium is, it’s a person that communicates with spirits from the other side. I heard about Allie from my dear friend Carolyn…

Mother of Magic

I have long been interested in ancient spiritual practices like shamanism and witchcraft, and, how “in reality”, they are so different from what is portrayed in movies and pop culture. With the racial tensions that have come storming up in 2020,…

Feeling Unhappy? Your Moon Sign Holds the Key

The first time I read my sun sign I was at the grocery store check-out line and picked up one of those tiny horoscope books. I’m an Aries. Independent, impulsive, impatient. My Mom is a Virgo. Practical, detailed, organized. Sounds…